The Ryder Cup: Golf's Greatest Event

The Ryder Cup: Golf's Greatest Event The Ryder Cup: Golf's Greatest Event
Revised and updated, this in-depth look recounts The Ryder Cup''s rich history and venerated place in sports, its champions and its characters, and its status as golf''s greatest grudge match. From its humble origins in 1927 to its place today as golf''s most gentlemanly battle-and a multi-million-dollar international sports event-The Ryder Cup has cemented its place in both its legacy and lore. Golf journalist Tom Clavin and golf commentator Bob Bubka have now made current their seminal work on the tournament, exploring the history and the rivalries, the extraordinary triumphs and devastating defeats, and the U.S. and the European contingents who have made this contest so remarkable. The names are legendary for any fan of golf: Palmer, Nicklaus, Jacklin, Floyd, Mickelson, Ballesteros, Faldo, Hogan, Nelson, Watson, Strange, Sarazen, Crenshaw, Woods, Montgomerie...the list goes on, as do their pitched battles for dominance and accomplishments on the greens. This up-close and personal look at The Ryder Cup is a must-read for golf fans, especially in preparation for the landmark 40th Anniversary tournament in Gleneagles, Scotland, in 2014.

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