Going to the Fort Worth Invitational at Colonial Country Club - YAY

This will be our 1st time, that we will volunteer at the Fort Worth Invitational at Colonial Country Club in Forth Worth, TX.  We are so excited, since we will be able to help out in our favorite committee: Player Transportation.  Due to our schedules, we can only be in Fort Worth from Friday till Monday of tournament weekend, but are looking forward to meeting nice new volunteers and catching up with friends nevertheless. We will post on Social Media and here on the Blog while we are at the tournament. Stay tuned for more and check our our (current) schedule for the remainder of 2018.


  1. I have been selected to volunteer at the 2018 BMW Championship in the VIP Transportation committee. Can you give me any insight as to what my duties/responsibilities will be? Thanks so much!

    1. Brian:
      As per the 2018 BMW Championship website with the volunteer committee descriptions, here is what to expect:
      "Committee is active Saturday-Monday. Volunteers will be assisting with the staging, distribution, and return of the players' courtesy cars. They may also be asked to shuttle players and family. Should be flexible with hours, as the shifts are based on the players' needs. This may involve early mornings and late nights."

      This is pretty much in line with the tournaments, where I am the VIP/Player Transportation Chairman.

      To specifically know details beyond the above, I would contact the chairman/chairmen at the BMW Championship. They can give you much better information for their tournament than I can.

      In my tournaments, we pick up players and family (sometimes TOUR staff), when they arrive at the airport at the beginning of tournament week (busiest times are arrival Sunday evening until late, arrival Monday early to late, arrival Tuesday). Then it tapers down a bit and gets really busy again after play on tournament Sunday till late.

      Throughout the week, there are usually rides with players/families/staff between the course and hotels or private residences.

      Again, please validate with your specific committee chairman/chairmen to know exactly, what will happen during your shifts.

      Have fun!